Cassian Baliarsingh

Visually challenged from birth, Mitu like any other disabled man had never in his wildest dreams thought that he would find love or even get married in this life. However, Laxmi walked into his life and everything changed for him forever.

“I’m thankful and express my heartfelt gratitude to such a woman who agreed to marry a visually-challenged man like me. People like her are the ones who make this planet a better place to live,” said an overjoyed Mitu.

Laxmi Gouda, on the other hand, said that she was more than happy to have Mitu as her husband and she would always be there for him as a guiding light.

“I will always be his guiding light. He will see the world through my eyes,” she said.

Laxmi from Raigocha village, who herself is an orphan, wants to have a happy family with Mitu who hails from Damuhani village under Bhanjanagar police limits in Ganjam district.

After losing her mother in childhood, she used to do odd jobs and work as a daily labourer to earn a livelihood. Having a bad childhood, Laxmi now wishes to start a new and happy family with Mitu and give him everything that she missed as an orphan child.

“Initially, I was shocked. How can someone agree to marry a blind man like me? So, I myself went to her house to find out if she had really agreed to marry me. I told her I’m blind and can you live your whole life with a blind man and she happily agreed,” said Mitu.

“I have lost my mother since childhood. I always wanted a good man to be part of my family. So, I’m happy and eagerly waiting to start a new life,” Laxmi added.

Family members of Mitu were also more than happy to get their son married and left no stone unturned to make the marriage ceremony a grand event.

Although visually challenged, Mitu owns a small shop in his house to earn a livelihood. He is also a good singer and sings songs at various events which help him to generate some extra income.

Family members and the villagers have expressed happiness over the marriage and congratulated the couple.


(Reported by Ranjan Panda, OTV)