Rashmi Ranjan

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. The quote goes well with 62-year-old Bedanta Chaitanya Das from Puri who displayed a true example of bonhomie by helping his ailing octogenarian friend to reach the hospital in the evening of his life.

The pilgrim town witnessed an unusual sight when an elderly man was seen in a hurry to reach the hospital with another elderly man on his trolley late on Tuesday night. 

This is the story of Bedanta and his friend Debendra Nath Paramanik which has now become the talk of the town.

According to sources, Bedanta runs a tiffin stall in the pilgrim town to eke out a living.  

He developed a friendship with one Debendra Nath Paramanik (85) from West Bengal who was abandoned by his children following his wife’s death and now lives in a mutt in Puri. 

As their bond strengthened, Bedanata gave shelter to Debendra and provided him with all the necessary help.

Recently, Debendra suffered from paralysis and his health condition worsened due to old-age-related ailments. 

Finding no other means of transportation in the dark of the night, Bedanta decided to take his friend to the Puri district headquarters hospital on his trolley.

At first, the onlookers could not understand anything, but later they lauded Bedanta’s gesture and love for his friend.

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