Cassian Baliarsingh

In a heart-wrenching incident, a man and his son died on the same day, just hours apart in Odisha’s Subarnapur. The shocking incident has spread a pall of gloom in the village as the family is now survived by the son’s wife and divyang little son with no breadwinner for the family.

The deceased have been identified as Adi Sa and his son Artatrana Sa.

According to sources, Adi had gone to attend a marriage function near the village. All of a sudden, his condition deteriorated and he fell unconscious. On being informed, his son Artatrana rushed him to Bolangir-based Bhima Bhoi Hospital.

However, soon after reaching the hospital, Artatrana experienced uneasiness after seeing his father’s serious condition. He later breathed his last and collapsed in the hospital. Shocked by his son’s death, Adi also breathed his last.

The death of both the father and son has left the family devastated as Artatrana is survived by his wife and a divyang son. He was the only earning member of the family.

“They were very poor and had to struggle for a living. First, his father fell unconscious last evening. So, his son rushed him to Bhima Bhoi Hospital. Unable to bear his father’s condition, the son died at the hospital first. Later, his father also died after hearing the news of his son’s death. This is so heart-wrenching because the man is survived by his wife and a handicapped son. So, we request the government to provide financial assistance to the family,” said a fellow villager.

Another villager said, “He had gone to attend a marriage function. All of a sudden, his condition worsened and he fell unconscious. Hearing his father’s news, the man’s son could not bear it and died. They are extremely poor and have a handicapped son. There is no bread winner for the family now.”

  • Reported by:
  • Rabindra Hota