Cassian Baliarsingh

Born in a poor family in a remote hamlet of Panchabatia under Banta block of Odisha’s Bhadrak district, all that Prafulla Nayak wanted was to showcase his talent to the world and create job opportunities for his students to support their education.

An art teacher at Nehru Government High School, Ganijang, Prafulla is an inspiration for many by becoming a successful YouTuber. With his animation skills, he has become a savior for many poor school children who not only take school lessons from him, but also earn livelihood for their families.

After school, Prafulla gives free animation lessons to interested students in the evening. The students then make animation videos and upload them on YouTube. They also give voice for all the characters.

Interestingly, Prafulla does not make the students do the animation work for free. He pays them so that they can support their families. This way, the students learn animation as well as get paid.

Prafulla hopes that his students will someday reach new heights. However, he wishes to stay in the village and continue his noble job and help other poor children brighten their future.

“My videos on YouTube have crossed over 1 crore. I have around 6 lakh subscribers. Our aim is to make contents that give moral lessons to the society through comedy. We try to balance comedy with life lessons through our video. There is no vulgarity in our contents,” said Prafulla.

“I give voice for several characters. I’m also come up with unique story ideas for making the animation. I’m thankful to Prafulla sir for giving me animation lessons and at the same time paying me for it,” said Babulu Nayak, a voice artist.

The students aim to upload at least two to three videos every week on YouTube. They are hopeful that the videos will get more subscribers with time and create more content.

Prafulla also aims to continue his good job in the village and empower many other students in the area to become self-independent and self-reliant.

(Reported by Partha Sarathi Nayak, OTV)