Pradeep Pattanayak

Unrest prevailed at Utkal University on Sunday when some students allegedly opposed a professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) apart from hurling abuses and attacking a professor of the varsity here and the convener of Citizen Forum. 

While two persons suffered injuries in the attack, two separate complaints from both sides have been registered at Saheed Nagar police station. 

According to sources, the Citizen Forum had organised a symposium on ‘Indian Constitution and Education’ at the PG Council hall of Utkal University on Sunday. 

It was when JNU professor Surajit Majumdar was delivering his speech, some students stood up and started opposing him. 

Reportedly, soon the situation went out of control and the angry students had a verbal duel with convener of Citizen Forum Pradeepta Nayak and lecturer Surendra Jena.

Besides hurling abuses at them, the students also allegedly physically assaulted them. 
Consequently, the seminar had to be stopped mid way. Later both sides went to Saheed Nagar police station and lodged separate complaints. 

“The symposium was going on peacefully. Our guest JNU Professor Surjit Majumdar was delivering his speech. He wasn’t speaking against anyone, not even against the government. Just then they (students) entered and opposed Majumdar. When confronted, they attacked us. One Manas Sahu, who is claiming himself to be an RSS activist and past student was there,” said Pradeepta Nayak, Convener of Citizen Forum.

When asked, Manas Sahu, an alumnus of Utkal University said, “We went to the seminar to participate. During his speech, Surajit Majumdar told that India's democracy is in danger. Upper castes are ruling the nation and we should oppose them and so on. Hearing this, we opposed him. In turn, they attacked us. Later, we stopped the programme on the ground that at a University like Utkal University, none can deliver anti-national statements.”


(Reported by Jagdish Das, OTV)