Mrunal Manmay Dash

Hindus observe the last rites of their deceased kin for more than 10 days which involves daily puja, offering to the dead, and shaving off their head, among other rituals.

There are so many rituals, people often say that if observed diligently, it is harder than conducting seven marriages.

However, an exception was witnessed at Koruan village under Bhadrak’s Dhamnagar block where last rites were conducted but without a body.

As per reports, Lilabati Nayak from Koruan village went missing 26 years ago. While there is no trace of her since then, the family awaited her return.

However, her younger son, Umesh Nayak reportedly had a dream about her mother recently. Umesh claimed he had a dream that her mother was being taken by the pallbearers for her last rites. The dream disturbed him and when he consulted with others, some people and pundits advised him to conduct the last rites of her mother saying that she could possibly be no more.

“We waited 26 years for my mother to come back. But a few days back, I decided to conduct her last rites. I consulted the scholars of Mukti Mandap in Puri Srimandir. And as per their recommendation, I have conducted her funeral,” said Umesh Nayak.

“I completed her last rites yesterday. And will observe the rituals for 10 days,” he added.

One of the relatives, Prashant Nayak said, “We arranged a bier and funeral pyre for her. We observed all the rituals as per Hindu tradition,”

Interestingly, the villagers and relatives also supported the family in conducting the last rites sans a body.

“She has been missing for 26 years. Recently, her younger son dreamt about her mother being carried by pallbearers. So he decided to conduct the death rituals in real,” said Janaki Nayak, the daughter-in-law of the woman.

  • Reported by:
  • Partha Sarathi nayak