Cassian Baliarsingh

Even as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has affirmed the legal tender status of all small change or coins of low value including Rs 10, common people have to feel the pinch as shopkeepers, kiosks owners and auto-rickshaw drivers in several parts of Odisha refuse to accept the coins.

Shopkeepers in Berhampur are reportedly refusing to accept Rs 10 coins due to some rumours that the coins have been declared invalid by the central bank. Most of the shopkeepers reject Rs 10 coins and instead demand for currency notes, reports said.

To add to the woes, many have also not been accepting the Rs 1 coin. Everyone is of the opinion that these Rs 1 and Rs 10 coins have been declared invalid by RBI. There have been rumours that counterfeit coins have also flooded the market, so people are refusing to accept the coins.

“Nobody is accepting Rs 1 and Rs 10 coins. They think that these coins are fake. Everyone is of the opinion that the RBI has phased out the coins and those in circulation were fake,” said a local.

Meanwhile, locals urged the administration to buckle up and spread awareness in this regard before things go out of hand. In many cases, people get into heated arguments when someone refuses to take or accept the coins. The administration should immediately swing into action and spread words among the people or warn people of legal action to stop the rumours, locals opined.

Similarly, people in Balasore district also experienced the same as many shopkeepers refused to accept Rs 1, Rs 2 and Rs 10 coins.