• Sunday, October 01, 2023
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  • Singer Humane Sagar, wife bury the hatchet, to live together again

Singer Humane Sagar, wife bury the hatchet, to live together again

Shriya Mishra said all the misunderstandings between her and her husband Humane Sagar have been resolved.

Ramakanta Biswas
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Singer Humane Sagar, wife bury hatchet, to live together againPhotoPhoto: OTV

Singer Humane Sagar with wife Shriya

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In a major development, the ongoing dispute between Ollywood playback singer Humane Sagar and his wife Shriya Mishra came to an end with the couple agreeing to bury the hatchet and live together happily afresh.

The spat between the couple was resolved in the second phase of counselling held at Mahila police station in Cuttack.

Coming out of the police station after the counselling session, Shriya said, “All the misunderstandings between us have been resolved. We will now live together.”  

Shriya, who had brought a string of allegations against her husband including domestic violence, extra-marital affairs and religious conversion, is expected to start living with her husband soon.  

Speaking about the case, ACP Amitabh Mohapatra said, “As like the first day of their counselling, the discussion was fruitful today too. The couple will discuss with each other for the next 15-20 days. Later, Shriya will take a decision and as per the consent of her guardians, she will start living with her husband.”

“All the differences have come to an end and the couple wants to live together. As Shriya has not come with her belongings today, she will return to her paternal home. Later, she will fix the date to return to her matrimonial home,” Mohapatra added. 

The ACP said no written complaint was written in this regard. “Only oral allegations were brought and no written complaint was filed in this regard. We called the couple twice and today they put a full stop to the dispute. They assured that they would not make any statement against each other. Later, Shriya’s parents and Humane’s mother will discuss and fix a date for her return to their house,” he added.

Reported by Debasish Mohanty, OTV