Rashmi Rekha Das

You must have heard the adage "Promises are meant to be broken." Politicians are, perhaps, more familiar with this saying. They never mind breaking promises made before elections. They make big promises in poll-bound regions and when it comes to implementing them, they fail to do so.

Since India got its freedom, people have been getting fooled every now and then with assurances and promises. Although people have lost their faith in politicians, political leaders are yet to refrain from such practices. Take the case of Dehurisahi of Balarampur panchayat under Ghasipura block in Keonjhar district.

Even after so many years of Independence, this village seems ages away from the modern development parameters thanks to the alleged apathy of the BJD-led government in Odisha.

Residents of this village are running from pillar to post to avail basic amenities. Without exaggeration, it can be said that Balampur village presents a picture of 'NEGLECT'. The village even lacks pucca roads.

Villagers alleged that during elections politicians visit the village very often assuring them to sort out their problems. From providing houses under Indira Housing Scheme to providing medical and pension allowance, the leaders go on a frantic race in making promises but after the election is over, they forget their promises, alleged the locals.

Bina Samal, a local resident said, “I have applied a number of times to be part of government schemes. I don’t know what the district administration did with my papers. For the last three years, I have been running from pillar to post to avail a house. During elections the so-called politicians approach us begging for votes. They make promises like providing pucca road, house and water. After election, they don’t recognise us.”

An elderly woman named Surya Samal said, “I am not getting old-age pension. Though I have completed formalities and submitted required documents thrice, yet to avail old age pension. After the death of my husband, I have been leading a life of penury thanks to politicians' whimsical attitude.”

There are many people like Surya Samal who are deprived of old age pension and widow pension.

Echoing the same, Minati Samal said, “Politicians make many promises. But they never implement them after election.”

Dehurisahi residents such as Niranjan Samal, Arjun Samal, Biswa Samal, Kusa Samal, Biswa Samal, Madan Samal among many are leading a life of poverty. They are yet to get houses under government scheme. They are literally tired of urging to sarpanch and block administration to get houses.

Basanti Samal, a resident said, “We are six sisters. As our parents cannot earn we have opened tailoring shop to eke out a living. But our earning is not sufficient enough to lead a quality life. We have not been included in any yojana of the state government.”

Meanwhile, comments from the local administration over the allegations could not be obtained.