Cassian Baliarsingh

As if the rising prices of daily essential commodities like rice, dal, wheat, flour, edible oil, green vegetables and onions weren’t enough, the sudden rise of vegetable prices has hit comman man hard in Odisha.

Tomatoes, that was being sold for Rs 30-30/kg, has spiraled to Rs 80-100/kg in just two weeks. While a few vendors sell it for Rs 80/kg, it is mostly being sold for a whopping Rs 100/kg in most places. The spiralling prices have only added to the burden of lower middle-income groups and economically weaker families who are already reeling under the price rise fuel and grocery items.

Not just tomatoes, no other green vegetable is available for less than Rs 80 per kg. Even spine gourds are being sold at Rs 100/kg while pointed gourds at Rs 60/kg while pumpkin and lady’s finger is being sold at Rs 80.

Moreover, the price of both potatoes and onions has spiraled to Rs 35-40/kg. On the other hand, daily vegetables like beans, brinjal are also being sold for Rs 80-100/kg. The sudden price rise in all the essential items, vegetables and fuel soon after the election has only added to the woes of the already affected consumers.

“The rates of all the vegetables are so high that we cannot even dare to buy it or enter the market. The government should extend help to the farmers and provide them things required for cultivation in less price so that the prices do not skyrocket and can reamin under control,” said a consumer.

Similarly, another consumer shared his thoughts on the price rise and said, “I cannot even think of buying vegetables for my family anymore. We poor people have to survive only on rice as we cannot afford anything now.”

Meanwhile, traders have attributed the price rise to supply shortage and low production.

“The price rise is due to low supply due to the heat. Things will get back to normal once the monsoon hits. Yes, it has indeed affected the poor and middle class. They are forced to buy less and many even return empty handed,” said a trader.

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