Himansu Shekhar Rout

A huge crowd reportedly thronged the RBI Regional Office in Bhubaneswar on Thursday to exchange Rs 2000 currency notes for a commission not caring two hoots about the fact that they are under the lens of the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the State Crime Branch and the Enforcement Directorate (ED). 

As per reports, the investigating agencies have turned their focus on money-exchanging activities. 

What was surprising today was that some agents were seen openly distributing notes to the people for exchange. Several people standing in the queue admitted that the pink notes they were exchanging did not belong to them, but the notes were given by others amid wide suspicion that some influential people were pushing their Rs 2000 notes in bulk.

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However, the people in the queue did not reveal the names of those from whom they received the money.
A woman standing in the queue, said, “I have been coming to the place for the last three days to get Rs 2000 notes of others exchanged for Rs 300 commission. Whoever gives us notes, we exchange them. What will the ED and EOW do when we have nothing to eat? It is a matter of keeping one’s pot boiling.”  

A person, appearing to be an agent, argued with media persons when he was asked about the money. He challenged the media that they cannot harm a hair despite being video-graphed on the spot. He was shouting, “Do whatever you like.”
The Regional Director of the RBI, Sarada Prasanna Mohanty, was seen advising people to deposit their money in their bank accounts to make things easy and avoid standing in queues for hours.

Mohanty said, “After investigation of the EOW and the ED, the number of people standing in the queue has come down today. Note deposit in accounts has increased. Now, notes amounting to nearly Rs 1.5 crore are coming to the bank in a day.”

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