Mrunal Manmay Dash

Commissioner of Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC), Subhankar Mohapatra on Tuesday said that the diarrhoea situation is currently under control. So far, diarrhoea has claimed six lives in the city.

He claimed to bring normalcy back to Rourkela in 2-3 days.

Speaking to OTV about the current diarrhoea situation in the steel city, Mohapatra said, “The situation in Rourkela is under control. In fact, there have been declining trends in diarrhoea cases in some areas. Different hospitals including the RGH and IGH are very active. Ten additional doctors and paramedical staff have been roped in including some epidemiologists from Sundargarh and Bhubaneswar.”

“36 leakages in water pipelines at different places in Rourkela have already been repaired by the WATCO. RMC is continuously checking food and water samples from affected areas,” Mohapatra said.

“Nine Rapid Response Teams have been formed by the RMC. Patient numbers at hospitals are gradually declining. I hope normalcy will return in 2-3 days,” he assured.

Mohapatra requested people to not panic, drink water after boiling it and take all other precautions. He further assured that the district administration is ready to handle any kind of exigencies.

Notably, the outbreak of diarrhoea in Rourkela has claimed the lives of six people so far while 20 others are still serious in the Steel City.

Patients suffering from diarrhoea started arriving at the RGH on December 10 and the number of patients kept rising over the next few days.

The increase in number of diarrhoea patients in the city has raised serious concern. As many as five places in the city have become hotspots for the infective disease. Those places are Daily Market, Nala Road, Kishan Tola and Udit Nagar.

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