Pradeep Pattanayak

In what seems to be the last-ditch attempt to quell the agitation launched by the primary teachers in Bhubaneswar, the block education officer (BEO) of Phulbani block has asked all the cluster resource centre coordinators (CRCCs) in the block to submit a list of teachers who have applied for leave. 

The BEO in his letter has asked the CRCCs to submit the list of those teachers who had applied for leaves from November 28 to 30 to join the rally in Bhubaneswar before the release of their salaries. 

The BEO also mentioned in his letter that leaves can’t be granted to so many teachers at a time. 

On other hand, the agitating teachers also seem to be sticking to their guns. They said the government’s attempt to intimidate the teachers would only force them to intensify their strike. 

“On one hand, the government has formed a committee to solve our problems and on the other hand, it is threatening the teachers through the BEO and DEO. A list of the teachers who joined the rally in Bhubaneswar is being prepared. I on behalf of the teachers association condemn this. I also demand that the government should refrain from preparing the list,” said Brahmananda Maharana, presidential committee member, Integrated Primary Teachers Association. 

“If any action is taken against the teachers, the association would intensify the strike in the coming days,” added Maharana. 

When asked, BEO, Phulbani, Ranjan Kumar Kanhar said, “Teachers had gone to join the strike on November 27 and were on leave till November 30. They joined their duties on December 1. But to know about the status of their leaves, we had written letters to the CRCCs. Their salaries will be calculated as per the status of their leaves.”