Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Motivational speaker Nitin Mohan has been accused of duping several people of around Rs 2 crore in Odisha and outside the State on false promises. However, Mohan has termed the allegations fake, false and defamatory.

The matter came to the fore when as many as 20 victims from Odisha and other parts of the country approached the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) to register their complaints against Mohan.

As per the allegations by the victims, Nitin duped them via online by providing them courses on mental healing and pacifying the planet on false promises to solve their various problems like financial constraints, health, family and business-related issues and many other problems.

“I first came across Nitin via YouTube and contacted him subsequently. He assured me to help me overcome my financial constraints within a year. He advised me to take a course with a fee of Rs 50,000. After completing the course, he told me to take another course by paying Rs 2 lakh more. Again after the completion of the course, he advised him to take another course by paying Rs 6 lakh so that all my financial issues would be solved immediately. However, after paying Rs 6 lakh and completing the course, nothing was solved. When I told him about my grievance, he blocked me,” said G Venkateswar Dora, a victim from Odisha.

“Then I threatened to expose him and asked him to return my money, but he refused. However, when I repeatedly told him about his fraudulent means, he eventually called me to Delhi on Ganesh Puja and returned my money. Then I contacted all the victims and we all have lodged a complaint against him in EOW together with the hope of getting justice,” said Dora.

“I had some health issues and I took a course provided by Nitin by paying him a good amount of money. However, my problems were not solved. When I told him about my issues, he advised me to take another course by paying more money. Then I was sure about his fraud. We have approached EOW and lodged complaints against him seeking justice,” said another victim from outside Odisha.

Responding to the allegations, Nitin Mohan said that he was shocked by the false, fake and unsubstantiated allegation brought against him which was covered by many media houses without verifying it.

Nitin Mohan further claimed that around 37 individuals are trying to malign his reputation and conspire to steal his data and his years of hardwork and to counter such inactions, he has also filed police complaint against such individuals.