Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

With winter making its presence felt, picnic season has commenced across the country. People plan for picnics with much excitement. However, the staff of a blood bank in Bolangir landed in trouble for allegedly taking their blood collection van for a picnic.

Such allegations surfaced after a purported video of the staff feasting with their vehicle parked on the roadside went viral.

As per reports, the staff of Bhima Bhoi Medical College & Hospital (BBMCH)’s blood bank used the blood collection van to travel to their picnic spot. According to sources, as the mobile van is meant for collection of blood and storage of collected samples, it is crucial to ensure proper protection of the van to prevent any infection.

However, it is alleged that a group of medical staff including 15 to 20 persons used the vehicle for travelling. Though the exact location of the picnic is yet to be known, such a callous act has drawn sharp criticism after the video went viral.

Meanwhile, the Dean of BBMCH quashed the reports and clarified that the staff went to a blood donation camp.

“I inquired from the blood bank and learned that yesterday (Sunday), they (staff) went for a blood donation camp in Khairibadi which was organized by an organisation ‘Being Human’. They collected blood. As the road was quite narrow, they had to park the vehicle on the roadside,” said Dr Manasi Panda, Dean, BBMCH. 

Panda further added, “They didn’t go for a picnic. They were granted permission by me and I signed the application in which they had stated their purpose as 'blood donation camp'. Regarding the feast at the location, the blood donation camp was organised on the occasion of someone’s birthday and the organisers had made arrangements for some puja and feast. There is no connection between their feast and our staff.”