Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Authorities of the Gajapati District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) ordered a probe after a patient’s family members brought allegations of wrong blood transfusion during treatment.

As per reports, Venkateswar Behera was undergoing treatment at the hospital after suffering from Anaemia. On the advice of the doctor, the patient was transfused blood. However, his condition allegedly deteriorated gradually after the blood transfusion.

Following the development, the family members of Venkateswar alleged that the patient’s health condition deteriorated as B positive blood was given instead of O positive by a staff nurse.

“The health condition of my elder brother deteriorated after the nurse transfused B positive blood instead of O positive blood. We could have lost our brother due to such negligence of the medical staff. Fortunately, his condition is now stable after an injection was administered by the doctor,” said a relative of Venkateswar.

Following the allegation by the family members, the hospital authorities ordered a probe into the incident and the investigation has started in connection with the incident.

“After receiving the allegation about the transfusion of the mismatched blood, we have ordered a probe into the incident. The investigation has already begun. If any kind of negligence is found during the investigation, action will be taken against the concerned staff nurse,” said Dr Pramod Panda, Deputy Superintendent of the hospital.