Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Residents in some parts of Bhubaneswar have been living without piped water supply for the last three days. As per reports, piped water supply has been adversely disrupted at Rasulgarh, GGP Colony, Mancheswar, Chakeisiani, and Pandra areas in the Capital City due to a crack in the pipeline at Kuakhai bank.

As a result, people in the respective areas are facing lots of problems in cooking purposes and managing their daily chores. Several people in the area are making a beeline before several sources to collect drinking water.

“We have been facing lots of trouble as piped water supply has been disrupted in our area for the last three days. Somehow, we are managing to fetch a little drinking water from a mobile tanker with a lot of difficulty. However, we don’t have enough water to bathe, attend nature's call, and manage other household chores,” rued an elderly woman in Rasulgarh.

“We are requesting persons, who have borewell facilities, to provide us little water for our urgent need. Moreover, waiting in long queues to collect a few buckets of water from the tankers is quite frustrating. However, we have no other alternative,” said a man from GGP Colony.

With no certainty over repairing work of the pipeline in the coming days, more ordeals are in store for the denizens of the areas. The officials of Watco are also clueless about the development.

“None of our family members have bathed for the last two days. The government officials have turned blind eyes to our problems. They are only giving us false promises that the water supply will be restored at the earliest. However, nothing has happened for the last three days,” said an elderly woman.

Meanwhile, the officials of the concerned department could not be contacted over such a water crisis in Bhubaneswar.