Himansu Shekhar Rout

Hours after squadron leader Manisha Padhi from Odisha was appointed as India's first Woman Aide-De-Camp(ADC) from the Indian Armed Forces, her parents who live in Bhubaneswar expressed immense happiness over her new responsibility.

Aide-De-Camp are army or navy officers, who assist Major generals, or senior officers, the President of India, and Governors in the day-to-day functioning of their offices, looking after the schedules, meetings, events, and presentations.

Speaking to OTV, Manisha’s father, Manoranjan Padhi, who is a retired Indian Air Force officer, was happy about her daughter’s new appointment as ADC.

Manoranjan Padhi said that Aide-De-camp are appointed for the President and Governors. It is usually decided earlier which officers of the Army, Navy, and Air Force will be appointed for the Governors. Manisha is currently selected for appointment as ADC to the Mizoram Governor.”

He said that his daughter got her commissioning in 2015 and got her first posting at Bidar and was subsequently posted at Pune and Bhatinda.  After the Bhatinda posting, she got her appointment as ADC to the Mizoram Governor, he added.“Over the years, she gained a lot of experience. Because of her experience, she got the post,” he claimed.

Beaming a broad smile, her mother said that her appointment as the ADC to the Mizoram Governor is a matter of great happiness and pride. “I am so happy that it can’t be expressed in words,” her mother said, describing Manisha as a very disciplined child.  

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Asked about Manisha's childhood dreams, her mother recalled, “In fact, Manisha was dreaming of becoming an Air Force Officer like her father. When she was a child, she used to wear the uniform of her father and get a glimpse of her get-up in front of the mirror.”

Her mother further stated that she had been yearning to join the Indian Air Force and her dream was fulfilled. Her father observed that if a girl wants to go outside to chase her career, some people discourage her. “But that should not be done. We should rather encourage her to do work. Career dreams of girl children should be given importance,” he said.

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