Manoj Kumar Jena

The famous tourist places in Paradip; Mannad Udyan and Nehru Bangla have allegedly been left reeling with negligence making the tourists demand their renovation.

During the early holiday season, tourists used to throng the Nehru Bangala to witness the beautiful view of nature and sea, but now the stone walls are caving in. 

The effects of negligence are also seen at the only canteen of Nehru Bangla, as cracks have appeared on the wall. With the cracks emerging, the foundation of the canteen is also in a dangerous condition. 

As a temporary solution, the locals have put sand bags to strengthen the foundation. 

The wall and flag pole are also broken due to lack of maintenance in these areas.

Not only Nehru Bangla, Mannad Udyan’s condition also remains concerning. As no one is allotted to look after the picnic spot, the sitting spaces which were there for tourists for feasts are now broken.

“The shore near Nehru Bangla is getting eroded. All the trees are getting destroyed too. The space which was built for children remains in a concerning condition. Besides, cracks are appearing on the wall of the canteen. We urge the administration to look after this situation and start the beautification work,” said a local. 

Another local said, “A lot of tourists come here to have a view of nature. The beauty of this place is also fading away as people are throwing polythene everywhere. The administration should look after this issue.”

Speaking on the beautification works of the tourist spots, Paradip Municipality Chairperson Basant Biswal said, “Due to climate or some other issues the left side of the stone wall has eroded. We will request the port authority to take necessary steps to bring back the beauty of the picnic spots.