Pradeep Pattanayak

The Service Provider Agencies (SPAs) of the Odisha government have been put under ‘Mo Sarkar’, giving a huge relief to the lakhs of workers working with these outsourcing agencies.  

Keeping the workers’ benefits in view, the government has taken this decision, informed sources. 

The government has decided to felicitate those agencies that are giving salaries to their employees regularly and properly. If any organisation is found to be falling behind as far as staff remuneration is concerned, they will be flagged and if required, those agencies will be black-listed. 

In this regard, the General Administration department has issued a notification. 

As per the notification, the government will mark these agencies as outstanding, good and poor if they release salaries within three days, five days and seven days from the fixed date, respectively. Similarly, they will be marked as very bad if they release salaries seven days after the fixed date. 

A similar rating will also be awarded to the agencies for depositing EPF and ESI dues of their employees. 

“Close monitoring of the performance of the SPAs and Departments through performance rating will help in taking corrective/punitive action wherever required so that the manpower provided by them are not put to any harassment,” read the notification.

(Reported by Harihara Chand, OTV)