Himansu Shekhar Rout

OTV recently reported about an orphaned girl who was begging for alms and help from people to perform post-death rituals of her grandmother at Sanakhani under Mohana block in Gajapati district. Soon after the report was aired, help poured in for her and she managed to perform the suddhikriya (sanctification rituals).  

As per reports, some benevolent people and non-government organisations came forward to extend a helping hand to Nandini who has been struggling to meet the expenses for the ritual. 

Nandi’s grandmother died on January 30. Her last rites were somehow managed with the help of locals. But she was too broke to bear the expenses of other rituals. She moved from house to house asking for rice and money. 

Following the OTV report, actress Rani Panda, some media persons, members of the local Kui Sangh, teachers’ association, drivers’ association, and business associations offered their help and assistance to Nandini. 

Narrating the ordeal that she was in after the death of her grandmother, Nandini said, “After my parents and brother passed away, I had been living with my grandmother. But she also passed away, leaving me to fend for myself. I had no money to meet the expenses for the last rites and sanctification rituals. Many people, teachers, drivers, and others came out to help me. I thank OTV and others.” 

 Akshaya Kumar Mallick, secretary of a local NGO said, “We thank OTV for reporting the incident. When we saw the report on the ordeal of Nandini, we were deeply pained and lost our sleep. I gathered our volunteers and decided to help her.”