Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The Orissa High Court on Friday expressed discontentment over the Odisha government’s unforeseen delay in the acquisition of State-owned Orissa Textile Mills (OTM) even though the government has already deposited Rs 115 crore as per previous orders.
As per the latest orders of HC Justice Biswanath Rath, the appointed authority of the state government has to take over OTM by 4PM of December 5 at the office of the official liquidator of OTM . If the government fails in the acquisition, it has to pay a monthly penalty of Rs 6 lakh. 

The announcement comes during the hearing of a plea filed by OTM for the delay in taking over the possession of the textile mill as per the previous amendment.

Following the previous orders, the State government showed interest in taking over OTM and has already deposited Rs 115 crore with the official liquidator of the state-owned textile mill. 

However, the government is delaying the process of acquisition. 

Earlier, the HC already determined the process of handing over the possession of the textile mill. Even officials appointed by the government had visited OTM twice. However, stating various reasons, the process of taking over the possession is being delayed, accused the official liquidator of OTM.