Mrunal Manmay Dash

A tribal woman and mother of 11 children was forced to sleep under a tree after her husband threw her out of their house for undergoing strerilisation procedure (Tubectomy). The incident has been reported from Dimiria village under Keonjhar’s Telkoi block.

The woman, Janaki Dehury, has to endure the hardship because her husband, Ravi Dehury believes that Janaki has become unholy after a doctor performed operation on her.

As per reports, Janaki underwent a tubectomy after the local ASHA worker convinced her about the perils of giving birth every year for more than 10 years.

“I have 10 children now after the first one died during delivery. It had become embarrassing for me to get pregnant every year as my children have grown up. Every other woman is undergoing sterilisation. This is nothing new, but my husband does not understand,” said Janaki while wiping tears rolling down her cheeks.

The ASHA worker of Dimiria village, Bijaylaxmi Biswal said, “I have been watching Janaki’s health condition which has gone from bad to worse after each delivery. She has become frail and can’t handle any more pregnancy. Apart from that, she can’t even provide food for all her children.”

“I persuaded her to go under the scissors and she agreed. However, her husband has gone ballistic after hearing this. Ravi is not allowing her inside her home. I have tried to make Ravi understand her situation, but he is adamant and threatening to kill me if I go near him,” Biswal added.

Telkoi Health officer has assured to look into the matter as this is a sensitive issue and has assured to make Ravi understand.

(Reported By Chinmaya Sahoo, OTV)