Pradeep Pattanayak

The State Transport Authority (STA) has fixed targets for e-Challans issued by OMVD officials for the financial year 2023-24. 

In his letter, the Odisha Transport Commissioner said, “This target has been fixed based on the flow of vehicles in each region and M V offences detected during the financial year 2022-23.”

The Commissioner in his letter further said the involvement of RTOs, MVIs, DSTs (Enf) and Asst. RTOs will have a good impact not only in the detection of offences but also it will help in the reduction of road accidents and fatalities. 

“If a target is not fixed, they tend to be busy with smaller cases. We want there should be a revenue target as well as an offence target. It has been done after a great deal of deliberation. So we feel that this year the enforcement will be more effective than last year,” said Lal Mohan Sethi, Additional Commissioner, STA. 

However, such a move has not gone down well with road safety experts. 

“Because of the target system, the number of accidents is increasing. The transport department should have focused on how to minimize the number of accidents. For this, public awareness should have been created. The STA should refrain from torturing people in the name of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety. Because of this, there is resentment among the people,” said Subrat Nanda, Road Safety expert.

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