Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a miraculous turn of event, a girl had a narrow escape when a tractor ran over her bicycle near Uladiha square in Mayurbhanj district on Thursday.

The girl has returned home after getting treatment from the nearby hospital. Meanwhile, Baisinga police seized the tractor and detained the driver. His questioning is currently underway.

As per reports, Sarat Chandra Raut’s daughter, who is a Class VII student, was returning home by riding a cycle after her coaching class. Meanwhile, a tractor was coming from the opposite direction. The driver lost his control over the vehicle at Uladiha square along the Baisinga-Manitri MDR-70 square suddenly and it veered towards the girl at great speed. Immediately, it ran her over.

The girl was thrown away to the side of the road from her cycle with a sudden jerk, but got a miraculous escape. Luckily, she got away only with some minor injuries in the accident. She was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital by the local people. Following her treatment, she was discharged after a few hours.

Upon being informed, Baisinga police reached the spot and started an investigation into the incident. The vehicle was seized and the driver was detained for questioning.