Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A child prodigy from Puri has made the State proud by entering various record books like India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and International Book of Records by reciting 100 binomial scientific names of fruits, plants, animals and birds in just 2.36 minutes.

Meet wonder kid Sainandan, who is the son of Bairagi Nayak, from Tihadisahi in Puri.

As per Sainandan’s parents, the kid has a predilection towards science and he can memorise many things in little time. 

“When Sainandan was only four-year-old, he started showing special interest in scientific nomenclature. He surprised us by memorising binomial scientific names of many plants, fruits, flowers, animals and birds within a very short span of time. His memory power is really very sharp,” said Sainandan’s mother Swayang Sampurna Nayak.

Sainandan’s father Bairagi said that all the family members are proud of the kid’s achievement.

“He has really an incredible memory power. He has become very popular from a very tender age with his sharp memory. He has a great potential. We will pray to God for his bright future,” said Bairagi.