Vikash Sharma

Call it the impact of climate change or any other natural phenomenon, southern Nabarangpur district in Odisha witnessed a massive hailstorm which according to some elderly people never occurred before in their lifetime. As per reports, hailstorm lashed several parts of the district on Sunday.

The hailstorm accompanied by gusty winds caught the residents unaware and left behind a trail of destruction. Moreover, the entire region was covered with almost five to six-inch-thick layer of hailstones making it look like Kashmir or any other hill station.

The impact was felt more in seven villages under Pujariguda panchayat in the district. “I am now 61 years old and I have never witnessed such a hailstorm in my entire life,” said a local resident.

The locals claimed that the hailstorm has wreaked havoc in the area causing massive destruction. Several trees got uprooted and roofs of Kutcha houses got blown away under the influence of gusty winds. Besides, massive destruction has also been caused to the standing crops in the region.

“Trees got uprooted and crops were damaged. We have already informed the local administrative officials about the damage and they have assured us to visit the spot to take stock of the situation,” said a local resident.

Another local resident said, “It is mainly due to climate change and we will witness such incidents further if we do not act and plant more trees and take necessary steps to protect the nature.”

  • Reported by:
  • Naba Ghana Bishoi