Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday trained guns at the Odisha government by darting four questions at it over identification of beneficiaries of Awas Yojana and allotment of homes under the scheme.

Addressing a press meet, BJP General Secretary, Prithviraj Harichandan alleged, “The Centre has already granted more than 9.59 lakh homes under Awas Yojana to Odisha since January this year, but the State government is yet to finalise the beneficiary list.”

Harichandan further alleged that because there is resentment brewing against the State government due to irregularities in shortlisting of beneficiaries, the government could not muster enough courage to publish the final list. More than 4.5 lakh eligible people are devoid of homes, only because the survey is politically motivated, he alleged.

He asked four questions

1 – When will the beneficiaries get work orders and when will the dates be declared?

2 – Will the ineligible beneficiaries be removed from the final list?

3 – When will the government make the list of eligible beneficiaries public?

4 – When will the government add the names of eligible beneficiaries left out from the initial list?

The saffron party threatened to take to the streets if the government fails to answer these questions.

BJP is up in arms over the statements of the Panchayatiraj Minister, Pradeep Amat on issue.

Amat had said, “The State government has maintained complete transparency in Awas home allotment. We have reached the final phases of preparing the beneficiary list, which was earlier questioned by the media and Opposition parties. We will execute the decision soon enough.”

While the government is making tall claims of maintaining transparency, no definite timing on the deliverability gave Opposition the fodder to retaliate.

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