Cassian Baliarsingh

Several migrant workers, who were allegedly forced to work under extreme conditions, with no pay and food at a brick kiln in Telangana, have urged the Odisha government to facilitate their return to their native villages in Nuapada district.

The migrant labourers, including women and children, narrated their ordeal through a video and appealed to the Nuapada district administration to help them come back and restart their lives.

They requested the state officials to rescue them immediately before they are tortured to death.

According to sources, the families from different villages in Nuapada district were lured with good wages to work in brick kilns in Telangana. They were taken to Telangana’s Nalgonda district where they are now being forced to work under extreme conditions.

Around 40 workers are now allegedly being tortured and forced to work round the clock without any pay. They are being threatened with life and not given food if they raise their voice or demand money. The male workers are beaten up for asking for their money and documents to return back home, it was alleged.

To add to the woes, the brick kiln owner is also torturing the women workers. He has reportedly installed a CCTV camera in the bathroom used by the women and blackmails them.

Sharing their ordeal through a video, the migrants appealed to the State government to immediately rescue them.


(Reported by Mayadhar Sharaf, OTV)