Cassian Baliarsingh

Odisha is already reeling under heat, with high temperatures setting in earlier than usual. The  Odisha government released an advisory for district public health authorities asking them to step up facilities and services for the management of heat stress disorders.

In a letter to all the Superintendents of Govt Medical Colleges and Hospitals, Chief District Medical & Public Health officers and Health officers of Municipalities, the Directorate of Public Health, Odisha directed them to plan preventive and curative measures to reduce morbidity and mortality in the community.

The letter read, “Heat wave changes usually occur from April-June in our state. Currently, the temperature has started rising in the last week of February, at different places across the state. As you are aware that heat wave changes may cause heat stress disorders like Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Syncope, Heat Cramp, Heat Rash, etc…. the district authority needs to plan preventive and curative measures to reduce morbidity and mortality in the community.”

In this context, each district has been directed to prepare a brief comprehensive action plan and send a copy to the Directorate. The District Headquarters Hospitals have been directed to give the status of stock and store position of medicines along with details of quantity in all the health institutions up to sub-centers.

They have been advised to ensure an adequate supply of ORS packets and other Heat Stress related drugs to all the health institutions, sub-centers and ASHA workers. 

The hospitals have also been directed to give details on the number of beds, air coolers/air-conditioner rooms, refrigerators and deep-freezers in working condition, and telephones. 

The government has also advised all the hospitals to keep the control rooms functional round the clock from today till 15th July.

“Have directed the CDMOs, Superintendents of Medical Colleges, to stay prepared. We have advised everyone to run a control room round the clock in every district. They will be responsible for attending calls and navigating cases related to heat waves,” said Niranjan Mishra, Odisha Public Health Director.

“All health institutions have also been advised to keep enough stock of drugs and open ORS corners. Most importantly, steps should be taken to spread awareness among people in every area,” he added.


(Reported by Niranjan Reddy, OTV)