Pradeep Pattanayak

 A farmer in Jajpur district, who is enjoying good health, has allegedly been shown as dead in government records. Worse, he is not receiving any government benefits for this piece of blunder. 

Since the announcement of KALIA yojana, Kalandi Patra received financial assistance once only in 2019. When the subsequent assistance was being credited to the accounts of other farmers, he was getting nothing. 

A worried Kalandi made rounds of the Korei block office to know the reason why he was not getting the KALIA money. He had even taken the matter up with the BDO but to no avail. 

When he was at a loss to decide what to do, it occurred to his mind that he should get it checked on the KALIA website. He had the shock of his life when he was told that he was marked dead on the KALIA website. 

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He demanded the intervention of the district Collector to get the issue resolved. 

“In 2019, I had received Rs 5000. Thereafter, I have not received any financial assistance under the KALIA Yojana. When I visited the KALIA website, I came to know that the government has declared me dead. It hurt me. The government should probe it and do the needful,” said Kalandi. 
When contacted, the block agriculture officer, Kabita Behera said, “Without a death certificate, we can’t mark anyone as dead. To mark someone as dead, there are certain steps.”

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