Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Odisha in-charge of Congress, A Chellakumar on Saturday slammed the State government over its governance and stated that an administrative official is making ridicule of democracy. 

“Congress condemns the act of the junior IAS officer,” said Chellakumar in a press conference.

The senior Congress leader alleged that Odisha Chief Minister is now under house arrest and it will not be a surprise if the junior IAS officer gives a speech in the Assembly one day as Super CM in place of the CM.

Meanwhile, the Congress decided to send Mahatma Gandhi’s three monkeys to all the Ministers, MPs, and MLAs of the ruling BJD.

“What is the need for a junior officer to go around the State and announce the schemes on behalf of the Chief Minister? The elected Chief Minister is under house arrest. We have decided to send the photographs of three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi to all the legislators of the BJD,” said Chellakumar.

Meanwhile, Revenue Minister Pramila Mallik defended the act of the administrative officer saying that it’s not unconstitutional.

“The officer is not taking part in any BJD meeting or in any program organised under the BJD flag. He is executing various works as per the directions of the Chief Minister. So, it’s not unconstitutional,” said Mallik.