Cassian Baliarsingh

The death case of popular DJ Azex alias Akshay Kumar, who was found dead at his residence under mysterious circumstances, is getting murkier with startling revelations coming to the fore every other day.

Meanwhile, a fresh report suggests the artiste was in conversation with his rumoured girlfriend for around 97 seconds before his death. Later, she tried to make a video call to him, but he did not receive it.

It is suspected that he might have reportedly hanged himself by the time she tried to make the video call because of which he could not receive it. 

Now, several questions arise -- Had DJ Azex informed his girlfriend that he was taking the extreme step during the 97-second call? Why did she try to make the video call? Was she aware of his steps, if yes why did not she immediately call and inform his parents who could have saved him? 

These important questions can go to a great extent in solving the popular DJ’s mysterious death.

Meanwhile, a cyber team visited the Kharvel Nagar police station and scrutinized all the digital evidence including his email, social media accounts, laptop and cellphone.

Earlier, a few pictures of DJ Azex seemingly crying and in severe stress had surfaced (that he had shared with his girlfriend through an email before his death). In the email, he had written that he was under severe stress and was unable to sleep. He had even mentioned that he was taking sleeping pills.

With the cyber team verifying the digital evidence, now police suspect that the breakup with his girlfriend might be the reason behind his extreme step.