Pradeep Pattanayak

The members of a family had a close shave when a mobile connected to a charger allegedly went off and reduced the furniture in the house to ashes at Baligaon under Chandbali tehsil of Bhadrak district in the wee hours of Thursday.   

According to sources, like any other day, Amar Pradhan and other family members went to sleep after having dinner. Amar’s wife put her mobile phone on charging and went to sleep after which the mobile phone exploded. 

Soon the clothes and window curtains caught fire and started burning. In no time, the furniture in the room was also on fire. 

However, the scared family members managed to come out of the house. All were marked safe except Amar, who suffered minor burn injuries. Hearing the commotion, their neighbours came to their rescue and managed to bring the flame under control. 

“We were all sleeping. My wife put the mobile on the charger at 12 midnight and went to sleep. At about 4 am, it exploded. The fire spread to our bed, window screen, and other clothes kept in the room. However, we managed to come out of the room, and then with the help of our neighbours, we put the fire out,” said Amar.

(Reported by Trilochan Sahu)