Pradeep Pattanayak

With an aim to inoculate 1,23,472 children below 5 years and 23,568 pregnant women, the Mission Indradhanush immunization programme has been launched across Odisha from Monday. 

Earlier, the programme was started in a few districts. This time, all the districts have been covered. 

Informing about the drive, Director of the Family Welfare department, Dr Bijay Kumar Panigrahi said, “The Mission Indradhanush Abhiyan (IMI) 5.0 has been launched in our state from Monday. Earlier, the abhiyan was carried out in some districts only. This year, all the districts have been covered.”

“The drive will be carried out through three rounds. The first round has been started on September 11 and will continue till September 16. Similarly, the second round will start on October 9 and will continue till 14. Likewise, the third and final round will commence from November 6 and will continue till 11,” he informed.

“So, every month, six days including Wednesday, which is called Routine Immunization Day, have been earmarked for immunization. The objective of the mission is to identify and vaccinate children below 5 years and pregnant women who are yet to be vaccinated or have discontinued after partial vaccination. Meanwhile, we have completed our headcount survey. As per the survey, we have identified 1,23,472 children below 5 years and 23,568 pregnant women,” he added. 

“For the vaccination, we have identified about 26,000 sessions. On the first day of the mission, 12,039 children and 2,342 pregnant women were immunized. The first day’s vaccination was completed in 4067 sessions. We hope we will achieve the target by the end of all the rounds,” he further added.

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