Himansu Shekhar Rout

Are you keen to pursue an MBA or MCA course in any autonomous college in Odisha? Beware! You need to ensure that these courses are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Otherwise, your MBA/MCA degrees would be rendered invalid. 

As per reports, as many as eight government-autonomous degree colleges in Odisha do not have AICTE approval. The Higher Education department has detected the lapses and warned some autonomous colleges in this regard in a letter. Professional courses like two-year MBA and MCA are being offered by eight colleges including BJB Autonomous College in Bhubaneswar, SCS Autonomous College in Puri, and FM Autonomous College in Balasore among others without obtaining approval of the AICTE. 

In the letter, it was stated that this is said to be a violation of AICTE norms which will affect the career of the students and credibility of the institutions. “Operating these programs without the necessary approval is a violation of the AICTE regulations and a breach of the trust placed in the educational institutions to maintain standards,” the letter read.  

The Higher Education department has directed the authorities of the autonomous colleges to take immediate steps to get the AICTE approval for such professional courses. 

However, the authorities of some of these autonomous colleges said that there is no need for AICTE approval for integrated MBA and MCA courses.      

Dr Tanay Swain, advisor to the Higher Education department said, “It was learned that some colleges are not taking AICTE approval while offering professional courses. They were strictly instructed to take the approval of the AICTE before issuing notification for admissions in 2023-24,” 

Ghulam Moinuddin Khan, principal of the BJB Autonomous College said, "A letter has been issued to our college and other colleges. But when the IMBA was opened, there was no need for the AICTE approval. We have intimated the department that if it is necessary, it will be done.”   
Are students kept in the dark?
Ashutosh Panda, a student, lamented that many colleges are offering such professional courses without AICTE nod while students are not aware of the validity of their courses. As a result, thousands of students are unable to get quality education, he added.

Malay Rout, another student said that AICTE approval for such technical courses like MCA is necessary.

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