Ramakanta Biswas

The Supreme Court has issued notices to Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in connection with the border dispute in Kotia region of Koraput district. 

The notices have been issued on the basis of the petition filed by the Odisha government. The top court has directed both the state governments to submit their replies within 28 days. 

In the previous hearing, the apex court had suggested both states to mutually resolve the issue at the political level. 

Subsequently, the Odisha government submitted additional suit in the court. In the petition, it was mentioned that the court in its rulings in 1968 and 2006 had ordered to maintain status quo in the disputed region.

The Odisha government alleged that the Andhra government is violating the order following which a notice has been issued to the neighbouring government. 

It can be mentioned here that the Odisha government recently said it has no information regarding any intrusion by neighbouring Andhra Pradesh in the disputed Kotia region of Koraput district.

Revenue Minister Pramilla Mallick on February 23 told the court that there was no information with the district administration regarding the distribution of pension and ration cards in Kotia by the Andhra Pradesh government in 2021.