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The entry of YouTuber Kamiya Jani into Puri Srimandir excited protests from servitors at the Baba Akhandalamani temple at Aradi in Bhadrak during 5T chairperson VK Pandian's visit on Wednesday. 

A massive controversy continues to rage after Kamiya Jani, who has been accused of having consumed and promoted beef through her YouTube channel, entered Srimandir accompanied by VK Pandian. Both were seen partaking of ‘mahaprasad’ in the temple whose pictures went viral on social media.

The opposition parties and various quarters have been slamming the state government and Pandian by raising questions about how a ‘beef-consuming' person could be allowed to enter Srimandir.

Apparently, the servitors of the Akhandalamani Peetha vented their repressed anger over the issue when Pandian visited the shrine today. After the 5T chairperson left the shrine, some miffed servitors shouted slogans against him opposing his visit.

They were seen sprinkling holy Ganga water all around the place as a mark of purification of the place.
They held Pandian responsible for facilitating the entry of ‘beef-eating Kamiya Jani’ into Sri Jagannath temple in Puri and destroying the age-old customs and culture of the country.

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Terming Pandian as anti-Sanatani, Lalat Kishore Padhy, a servitor of Akhanadlamani said, “As servitors of Akhanadlamani temple, we strongly oppose VK Pandian visiting the temple. He is against the Sanatani culture and has come here to damage the Jagannath culture.”

Padhy also appealed to the servitors of all the Shaivite shrines in Odisha to oppose Pandian during his visit.
No comments have been received from Pandian and BJD sources.

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  • Partha Sarathi nayak

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