Pradeep Pattanayak

Hundreds of Jellyfish carcasses were found lying scattered along the Digabareni beach in Puri on Tuesday, leaving local residents, tourists and environmentalists worried. 

On Tuesday morning, when some local residents and tourists went to the beach, an unexpected view was awaiting them. They saw hundreds of Jellyfish carcases washed ashore. 

If someone comes in contact with a Jellyfish, they suffer from skin-related problems like itching. However, no such complaint has been received as yet. 

However, environmentalists expressed concern over the deaths of such a large number of these marine creatures. 

The last time such a disturbing scene was witnessed along the Puri beach was in June 2022. At that time, some tourists accidentally came in contact with the carcasses of Jellyfishes and complained of skin irritation. Even they needed hospitalisation.  

“Jellyfish don’t have organ for movement. So they get propelled by waves and wind. Fishing is banned here, so it can’t be said why they are dying. I can say something only after an investigation,” said Dr Rajesh Pradhan, a scientist of the Marine Fishery Department.   

At the same time, carcasses of Olive Ridley turtles were also found swarming the beach at Digabaerni Khunti. They have been found lying on the beach for days together in an unhygienic manner. 

When contacted, the executive officer of the Puri Municipality Prajnashree Priyambada said, “An order will soon be issued to get the beach cleared.”

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