Mrunal Manmay Dash

Thousands of trucks parked on the Highway is not an uncommon sight in the port city of Paradip. The parked trucks have not only become a nuisance for the commuters, but it has also added to the accident rate in the city.

“Thousands of trucks are parked on the left side of the Highway from Atharabanki Square to Dochaki regularly. Inconvenience apart, without a service road, the main road has become dangerous for the commuters too,” said Prakash Jena, a member of the Paradip Road Safety Committee.

Not only the parked trucks, but the deposits of sand and coal dust have added to the inconvenience of the daily commuters. As per reports, many two-wheeler riders met with accidents in the area for the very same reason.

It has been alleged that a traffic post could not be erected at the Dochhaki since the last 20 years. Not only at Dochhaki, but traffic posts have become necessary at other intersections like IFFCO Square, PPL gate and Tarinigada.

Prabhat Nandi, President of Bijaychandrapur Nagarika Parishad said, “Accidents are frequently happening on the stretch of Atharabanki to Dochhaki because of parking of these trucks on the stretch of the road.”

“This is a long-standing issue of the town. We have urged the administration many times in the past to solve the parking issue, but the admin has turned a deaf ear to our demands,” Nandi added.

Nandi warned they will take to the streets if their demands are not met immediately.

Asked about the parking problem, Additional Collector of Jagatsinghpur, Kanhucharan Dhir said, “The stretch of the National Highway from Atharabanki to Dochhaki is accident-prone. We are aware of the issues and have tried to address them. We will do more so that, the problem is solved completely.”

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