Vikash Sharma

Even as normal life across Odisha has been adversely affected due to intense heat wave conditions, the animals too are also facing problems due to the sudden rise in the temperature. In a bid to protect the animals from the scorching heat, the authorities of the Nandankanan Zoological Park have come up with special measures.

Though such measures start in the month of April; this time the Nandankanan zoo officials made special provisions for the animals from the month of March. As per the protocol, bamboo sheds and other temporary arrangements have been made so that the animals can take shelter and not get exposed to the rays of the sun.

Rashmiranjan Swain, ACF Nandanankan informed that sprinklers are also being used to provide a cool ambience to the animals.

“As animals are sensitive, we have come up with a lot of special measures to protect them from heat stress,” said Swain. Swain further said that there are around 4179 animals inside 213 enclosures at Nandankanan zoo.

“We are also providing food to animals as per the special diet keeping in view the summer conditions. We are providing a lot of juices and water-rich fruits to the animals on a daily basis,” said Swain.

Swain informed that apart from sprinklers, water coolers and fans have also been installed inside enclosures. Artificial rain and ponds have also been created. Anti-stress medicines are also being given to the animals, he added.

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