Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

After a brief lull of four months, unrest and chaos have crept in at Padmakesharpur village in Patia area of Bhubaneswar as two persons were severely injured in a fresh group clash late last night.

A deadly attack was allegedly launched on two persons of a family and as a result, an elderly man and his daughter-in-law were severely injured. They were admitted to SCB Medical College and Hospital in critical condition.

As per reports, the clash erupted between two groups over collecting interests on loan. Subsequently, both groups indulged in heated exchanges and threw stones at each other. Bombs were also hurled during the clash.

Upon being informed, Commissionerate Police reached the spot and managed to pacify the situation. As many as two platoon police forces have been deployed in the area to maintain the law and order situation.

“The group clash erupted at around 10 pm on Wednesday night. When Sanatan Das and his daughter-in-law Nirupama Das were having dinner, money lender Babula Das and his associates including Tapas Das and Rajib Das launched an attack on them as per their earlier plan over collection of interest money,” said a local resident.

“When Sanatana refused to pay interest money, Babula became violent and attacked him with a sharp-edged weapon. When Nirupama intervened, Babula attacked her. Both the victims were shifted to SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack in critical condition. Subsequently, the group clash erupted between two groups,” he added.

“Some miscreants are spreading hooliganism and exploiting innocent people causing disturbances in the area,” said another local resident.

Following the gruesome incident, residents of a ward have deserted the area fearing arrest by police and assault from the other group. All of their houses have been locked.

Similar kinds of group clashes were erupted in the area four months ago. A peace committee was formed then in a bid to normalize things. However, repetition of the same kind of situation has posed a major challenge for the administration to maintain law and order situation at the area in the Capital City.