Vikash Sharma

“Knowing that she is afflicted with leprosy, she took a harsh decision and let me go. She is a great mother as she did it for me so that I can lead a decent life.” These lines from a daughter for her mother are enough to melt one's heart.

These excerpts are from a letter written by Mamata, who was adopted by an Australian couple some 15 years back in Odisha, to Puri Childline Director.

Mamata is now a grown up girl and is into her graduation now. She is now looking for her biological mother Basanti Das.

It was way back in 2007 when Mamata, who was only a three-year-old kid, was rescued from near Puri Sighadwara. Later, she was handed over to Basundhara Childcare Centre in Cuttack.

“The girl went missing and later Childline rescued her. She was only three years old then. No Child Welfare Committee was earlier formed but later, the girl was handed over to her biological mother. However, after some time, the woman returned and expressed her unwillingness and inability to raise the child,” said Debashish Rath, Puri Childline Director.

According to Rath, they were initially shocked over the woman’s decision as she was suffering from leprosy. After the relinquishment deed, the girl stayed in Cuttack for nearly 18 months. “As no Indian couple agreed to adopt the child due to her mother’s condition, an Australian couple came forward and took the girl Mamata with them,” said Rath.

It was a couple of year back, the girl Mamata wrote email and expressed her willingness to meet her mother. But due to Covid restrictions, Mamata could not come to Puri along with her foster parents to meet her biological mother. It is expected that Mamata will come to India to meet her mother in January.

"Every time, in her letter, Mamata has said that her biological mother is great as she handed over her custody for a better future.

Now being financially sound, Mamata is trying her best to meet her mother. However, we are yet to locate Mamata’s mother Basanti who hails from Khordha district," Rath added.

(Reported By Pradeep Mohanty)