Cassian Baliarsingh

A lady assistant professor of Fakir Mohan University in Balasore has left netizens stunned with her gravity-defying daredevil bike stunts during this year’s International Women’s Day celebration.

A trained bike rider, 27-year-old Jina Priyanka Sethi can ride a bullet with 5-6 persons on the bike. Apart from being an assistant professor at the University’s History department, Jina is active in sports and other activities in the college.

She is among the very few women who can perform the Army’s Daredevils’ motorcycle stunts. These kinds of stunts are usually done by army personnel during Republic Day, Independence Day and other programmes.

She holds several records for her incredible talent and was the commander of her team during her College days. She was part of the bike stunt and has also trained girls for the stunts during Republic Day and Independence Day parade every year.

Trained under Flying Lieutenant Mihir Ranjan Soren at Maharshi Daredevil College, Jina is an expert at ‘forensic ride’ and can perform bike stunts like Lotus Pyramid, Fire Stunts among others. She can ride bike with her legs without using her hands. She can also ride the bike by standing on it. 

However, her journey to nurture her talent was not a piece of cake. She had to go through tireless training, and ride bikes on ditches, sand tracks and pits to reach the stage that she is in today.

It has been a long journey from learning how to kick-start a bullet to riding it without using her hands. Usually, riding a bike in a normal manner is very different from riding for adventure activities. So, she had gone through a lot of injuries to reach the position that she is in today.

Jina's work is an inspiration for other women.

(Reported by Rashmi Ranjan Das, OTV)