Rashmi Rekha Das

Family members of Netherlands hockey team players visited Purosottampur village in Puri district on Wednesday and spent a quality time with the villagers.

Non-governmental organization (NGO), Quality for Life Foundation, organized a small trip to Purusottampur village where the tourists received a warm welcome from the villagers. Villagers too served them tender coconuts.  Later, they enjoyed the Odissi recital based on Sri Jagannath culture. 

The foreigners were very much pleased with the hospitality of villagers. The visitors too cooked food for Dalit people residing in the village and served food to them. They also held a discussion with villagers about their problems.  

Jani Brinajmen, mother of Netherland hockey team captain said, “We really like to be in India because the crowd is awesome and the country is beautiful. We really love its people. It’s also very nice to be guests here. As a community, it’s nice to see bonding of people here. Thank you for the hospitality.”

Another tourist Jacklin said, “I am delighted to be here. I really appreciate the effort of people here that we are invited so cordially to know about their culture and lifestyle. I am happy to see how funding raised from Netherlands is impacting the lives of people living here in Odisha. It’s nice to see the cultural element of the country. I really appreciate the hospitality given to us.”

Basant Kumar Barik, Head of Quality for Life Foundation, said, “They were so happy to find tender coconuts here. It was fun climbing the coconut trees and plucking those in front of them. They enjoyed it.”

Kamini Singh, a resident of Puri, said, “We loved their visit to our village. They too cooked for us and served meals. We also gave our best to welcome them.”

Reported by Madhusudan Mishra, OTV