Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The explosive materials which were recovered from the general coach of Konark Express at Bhubaneswar railway station were destroyed by a special bomb disposal squad on Friday. 

The special bomb disposal squad today took the explosives to a riverbed and destroyed them with utmost care. Further investigation into the incident is currently underway.

As per sources, a sanitation worker spotted the explosives in the general coach of Konark Express on Thursday. Upon being informed, a team of Railway Police seized the materials. The explosives were later kept in a special room of the railway protection force post of the East Coast Railway with all kinds of precautionary measures.

As per reports, the train reached Bhubaneswar from Mumbai on Wednesday night. The sanitation staffer found the explosives while carrying out cleaning work at around 3 am. He saw smoke and some sound inside the bogey and immediately informed the railway officials at the station.

The Railway police personnel were pressed into action immediately. After engaging sniffer dogs during the preliminary investigation, it was revealed that the materials were used for long-range distress signalling in ships. 

The seized explosives included eight red parachute signal rockets, 15 rocket parachute flares and a pathfinder Sorter.

A case in this regard has been registered by Railway Protection Force (RPF) police at Bhubaneswar station. However, the recovery of the items has put a serious question mark on the security measures at the railway stations.

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