Rashmi Ranjan

The exchange and deposit of Rs 2000 denomination began in all banks across India including in Odisha on Tuesday after the Reserve Bank of India decided to withdraw the big currency notes from circulation. 

Though banks in Odisha did not see huge footfalls of customers for the exchange on the first day, it is believed that the number may increase in the coming days. The RBI has set September 30 as the deadline for exchange of the notes. 

According to sources, customer can either deposit their Rs 2000 notes in their bank accounts or exchange them with Rs 500 and Rs 200 denominations.

Sharing more details about Rs 2000 exchange facilities, State Bank of India (SBI) Bhubaneswar circle Chief General Manager (CGM), Chandrasekhar Sharma said, "There are 890 SBI branches in Odisha. We have Rs 12,000 crore of other denominations in stock to facilitate the exchange of Rs 2000 notes. RBI to provide more if needed." 

"A customer can exchange up to Rs 20,000 at once. If there is no rush, one can exchange multiple times a day. No identity proof is required to exchange Rs 2000 notes," Sharma informed.

“I am a current account holder at this branch. I had 21 notes of Rs 2000 denomination. I came to deposit the cash. People are not worried that much as many of them do not have Rs 2000 currency notes with them,” said a person who came to SBI’s main branch in Cuttack.

“Every staffer has been sensitised with RBI guidelines. As September 30 has been fixed as the deadline, I urge people not to be in a hurry to exchange their notes,” said Santosh Kumar Behera, manager of Cuttack SBI main branch.

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