Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Some furniture were gutted after a battery of an electric bike (e-bike) reportedly exploded in a house in Kathuaredi village under Brahmagiri block in Puri district on Friday night.

Fortunately, the family members present in the house had a narrow escape in the mishap.

As per reports, after plugging in the charger to the battery of the electric bike, all the members of the family were asleep inside their house. However, while getting charged, the battery exploded with a huge sound around midnight.

The family members woke up to the loud sound and found to their utter shock that the battery of the electric bike has exploded. In a bid to save their lives, they rushed out of their house.

Later, they found that some of the furniture inside the house have been gutted.

As per experts, most of the battery explosions of electric bikes are happening due to overheating. Heat makes the battery expand, which leads to explosions and fires. The heat also produces sparks which further lead to fires.