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After a prolonged period, since the outbreak of Covid-19, all the four 'dwaras' (gates) of Puri Srimandir were opened on Thursday for devotees by the BJP government as promised in their election manifesto earlier.

Due to closure of three doors of the shrine except the 'Singhadwara' (Lion Gate), devotees were facing a lot of hardships in the smooth darshan of the Holy Trinity.

Moreover, as per the legend, entering the shrine through separate gates has so much significance. Let's have a look at the relevance of different gates of the Holy temple:

Dwaras of Puri Jagannath Temple

The outer wall of Srimandir has gates openings for the devotees in four directions. These four gates are represented by four different animals. 

In the east, there are lions and hence it is called Lion Gate or 'Singhadwara'. 

The west direction is represented by tigers and hence it is called Tiger Gate or 'Vyaghradwara'. 

The northern direction of the temple wall is represented by elephants. So, it is named as Elephant Gate or 'Hastidwara'. 

The southern direction, represented by horses, is known as Horse Gate or 'Ashvadwara'.

Significance of Singhadwara

Two lions statues are there in 'Singhadwara' in crouching position. The lion is a symbolic representation of 'Mokshya' (liberation). As per popular belief, if a devotee enters the temple through this gate, he/she will get mokshya. 

Significance of Ashvadwara

Horse symbolically represents 'Kama' or lust. There are two galloping horses with Jagannath and Balabhadra on their back in the martial glory near the door. As per the legend, the devotee sacrifices the feeling of lust while entering through this gate. It is also known as the road of victory. The kings used to enter the temple through this gate seeking the Lord’s blessing to win battles.

Significance of Vyaghradwara

Tiger is the symbol of Dharma (one's own self). Dharma is an important philosophy in the Hindu religion. In each and every moment, the spiritual seeker needs to adhere with his/her Dharma. Entering the temple through Vyaghradwara reminds the devotee about his/her Dharma and bolsters the spirit. The sages and special devotees enter and temple through this gate.

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Significance of Hastidwara

Hastidwara has colossal figure of elephants on each side. Elephant is regarded as the carriage for the Goddess of wealth-Maha Lakshmi. Devotees seeking wealth enter the temple through this gate.

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