Mrunal Manmay Dash

Prashant Kumar Swain, the executive officer (EO) of the Simili panchayat in Puri’s Gop block, apologised on Thursday for disrespecting the Indian National flag.

As per reports, Swain was seen wiping clean the tables and chairs in his office with the Tricolor and the video of the incident went viral among social media users.

In the video, he not only wipes the furniture, he is also seen wiping his mobile phone with the flag before dumping it in the dustbin under his desk.

Though it is unclear who recorded the video, the clip went viral like a wildfire and brought severe criticism.

Following outrage, Swain apologised in front of media and said, it was a mistake and will not happen again.

“It was a mistake, however unintentional. I was preoccupied with many things at office. It is condemnable and I am extremely sorry for that. It was my first mistake and I will ensure it is not repeated in future,” Swain said.

Later, the Executive Officer was arrested by the police for violating the flag code of India.

(Reported by Sanjay Pati, OTV)